Slow And Steady Wins The Race…Unless You’re A Burglar

Ya know, most people break into banks or stores. They don’t break into temp agencies. If they do break into a temp agency, it’s because they’re a client there. Maybe they need to steal back a file or something in a file. If they’re not a client there, there would usually be no reason to break in.

Also, when someone decides to burglarize a place, they typically smash a window or break down a door. chiseling away at the building’s wall isn’t often high on the list of burglary methods. I think, now, Sitha Hen would likely agree.

I’m amazed that he managed to chisel a basketball-sized hole in the building’s wall. The outside is brick, and there was a layer of concrete under that! But how long would he have had to work before there was a hole big enough for him to go through? Did he think chiseling would not set off the alarm?

And most importantly, why did he want to break in to an employment agency?

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