Good Baseball And Bad Wrestling

Last Updated on: 27th July 2016, 06:55 pm

If you’re a Toronto Blue Jay or a fan of them, there’s no way you can’t be happy right now. Well ok, I need to rephrase that. If you’re a Toronto Blue Jay or a fan of them, there’s no way you can’t be happy right now…unless you happen to be a pitcher. And if you’re a pitcher and your name happens to be Brad Mills, that probably goes double or more. When you’ve got an 8-2 lead but don’t make it past the 4th inning because it looks like you’re trying to throw the bulk of your pitches into space and then your team wins 17-11 and you don’t get the victory, that’s a bad day. But hey, things could have been worse. He could have given up 6 home runs like James Shields did.

But enough about bad days, let’s talk about good ones. J.P. Arencibia is just a tiny bit awesome. A first pitch home run in his big league debut, a double to follow it, then a single and another home run worth of awesome to be exact. You couldn’t have scripted a better first major league game. The crowd was even chanting his name when he came up for his last at bat, which led Mike Wilner to the line of the day when he said “who would have imagined that you’d ever hear a J.P. chant in this building?” Classic. I don’t expect Arencibia to be this great every day, but if he has a few days like this here and there and can be about half as good the rest of the time, we’ve truly got something special in him.

It was also nice to see Hill and Lind swinging and hitting again. I think it’s still way too early to say slump over for either of them, but they’ve slowly been getting better in the last few weeks and Hill in particular had a day that kind of looked like the ones he used to have routinely. If those 2 can get things back together and if everybody else keeps doing what they’ve been doing, the rest of the season will be a fun one even if the playoffs are all but out of reach. Note: Everybody else do what you’ve been doing does not include putting 3 quarters of your shitball throws in the dirt and relying on Lyle Overbay to rescue them. Are you listening, E5 Encarnacion?

By the way, thanksROfor the great laugh yesterday. I came in between innings to check my email and grab a beer, and I cried with laughter when I saw your epithet-filled message. It sounded almost as though you’ve been a Toronto sports fan your whole life, and as a Toronto sports fan I must say that it felt pretty nice to be on the right end of that exchange for once. Don’t worry, I know better than to get used to it.

Switching topics, TNA’s Hardcore Justice tribute to ECW even though we can’t promote it that way so we’ll call it EV2.0 because we’re completely incapable of coming up with names for anything that sound anywhere near cool pay-per-view is tonight, and I wish it wasn’t. The whole thing just comes off so lame and desperate, like TNA is crying out for attention by saying “we have WWE envy and our own product sucks, but please pay attention to us and give us some money. We need money…somebody help!” Seriously, can we not just leave ECW alone and work on our own product? There are reasons nobody wants to watch it, and bringing back something that’s been dead for 9 years but has already been brought back to life, raped in the arse and then killed again this year by the much bigger company isn’t going to change that. In fact it only makes TNA look even more minor league and pathetic than it already does, since they’re trying to make a buck off of something that’s been done to death, and done recently at that. Like Jesus Christ people, can we not at least let the steam stop coming off of this corpse of a corpse before we dig it up and ruin everybody’s memories again?

Now with all of that said, there is one thing I’m looking forward to. Rob Van Dam andthat theme music of hisare going to wrestle Jerry Lynn. No matter what happens on the rest of the show, this will almost certainly be fun. Both guys can still go, and they work well together. Their matches back in the original ECW (the good one) are some of my favourite memories of those times, and even if they don’t do as much stupid stuff, I know I’ll still like this.

but wait, what’s this I see as I get distracted for a minute and check the RSS?Jerry Lynn is hurt and won’t be able to wrestle on the show.Fabulous, just fabulous! I hope TNA can come up with a decent replacement, otherwise this show could really be in trouble.

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