That’s How It’s Done!

Last Updated on: 19th April 2022, 09:24 pm

A little note to the nice lady who helped me across the parking lot at Speedvale Plaza last night:

You’re awesome. You couldn’t have helped me any better. In fact, you need to train everybody who I’ve complained about. First, you asked me if I needed help. Then you asked me where I was going, and listened to the answer! You did not pet or talk to my dog. You next asked how you could help, and I said I would follow you. You respected that. You made conversation with me and didn’t make me feel like a giant idiot. At doors, you asked if it would be helpful if you could open or hold a door. Then, at the end, you made me gasp when you said, “Do you want help back out? Do you want to go the way you came in?” When we went out to the sidewalk, you asked me if I needed anything else.

Now that, that was good help! It’s things like that that have me coming home with a bounce in my step. I thanked you, but I regret not actually explaining to you why I was so eternally grateful. So thank you. You’re awesome.

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