Gentlemen, Put Your Hands Together…In Prayer?

Last Updated on: 3rd March 2015, 03:58 pm

This story of strippers fighting back after being badgered by church members sounds like the most awesome story ever.

Apparently, for a long time, Pastor Bill Dunfee and some congregants used to go down to the strip-club after church, stand in the way of people coming and going, bark things at them with bullhorns and try to save the souls of anyone entering or exiting. They had been telling the strippers to come to church. Well, one Sunday, they did. They showed up outside the church in their bikinis and belly rings. By the sounds of it, they got less in the way of the comings and goings of the church than the churchgoers had done at the strip-club. Just awesome!

I love the part where one stripper was talking about how they’re described as homewreckers when the reason some of them are doing this is to keep their house together. Then Dunfee says he told that stripper to come to church and he’d put a roof over her head and pay all her bills and keep her kids’ bellies full, but he never explains how he’s going to do that. I know churches have provided temporary shelter and food, but nothing so permanent as he’s saying. Or is it more like he would tell her to do the work of the lord and it will all come to her. Maybe he’d just pray.

Why can’t Dunfee and others like him grasp the concept of live and let live? It’s simple. They’re not hurting you, so don’t hurt them. Leave them be.

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