Fuck You For Flying JetBlue

Last Updated on: 30th May 2013, 09:06 am

Can you imagine being on this JetBlue flight? You arrive at JFK, and then a flight attendant goes positively lulu! Well, can you find a better way to sum up this chain of events?

JetBlue Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh had taxied to a stop at Terminal 5, Gate C around noon Monday when flight attendant Steven Slater, 38, was struck in the head with luggage that a passenger was trying to unload from an overhead compartment, according to an airport official with knowledge of the incident.

Slater demanded an apology from the passenger, the official said, but the passenger refused. The two argued before the passenger told Slater to  “f— off”, the official said. The official said that Slater then got on the plane’s PA system and directed that same obscenity at all the passengers and added that he especially meant it for the man who refused to apologize.

Slater is alleged to have then activated the plane’s inflatable emergency slide, grabbed two beers from the galley, then slid down the chute, the official said.

The attendant then ran from the tarmac into the terminal, the official said. He made his way to his car and drove to his residence in Belle Harbor, Queens, the official said.

The official said the official said the official said. There. I think we have enough the official saids.

Wow! I think Slater should get some serious help. That’s nuts. And I love how the airline said at no point was anyone at risk. Yeah, only because of the timing of the incident. It happened after they landed! Can you imagine if that insanity had occurred mid-flight?

Now, I’m seeing visions of this Nicoderm commercial.

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  1. I had forgotten about this incident until stumbling back onto this post! But it does remind me of my favourite ever resignation. A gentleman was once employed by the company that handles all music licensing and royalty issues for our fine country. One day he opened an email, addressed it to the entire company, pasted in a link, hit send and walked out for what people presumed was a coffee break…until they opened the link and found that it led to the company database entry for “Take this Job and Shove It.” 🙂

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