>Portrait Of A Drunken Ex-Friend

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 10:48 am

>I wouldn’t want to be James Haggerty right now. He’s being blamed for losing a $1.35 million painting, and he’s being sude. Hell, I might want to have a drink or 6, even if a drink or 6 was what got me into this mess. But I also wouldn’t want to be Kristyn Trudgeon or Tom Doyle, the folks whose painting he lost, either.

The fishy story goes that Trudgeon and Doyle own a painting worth $1.35 million called “Portrait of a Girl”. They wanted to see if the owner of the London Gallery wanted to buy it. For some reason I don’t understand, they needed a friend to help them with this sale, so they hired James Haggerty. Apparently, he’s a buddy of theirs, although You’d never know it, based on Trudgeon calling him a fumbling idiot and a complete asshole. But I guess I can cut her some slack because of where this story is going.

Haggerty was to drive the painting over to a hotel and show it to Offer Waterman, the London Gallery owner, who apparently wanted to take a closer look at it. But now Waterman didn’t like that he showed up without an appointment, which super confuses me.

Security video shows Haggerty sitting with the painting, and then leaving it at the hotel’s desk, then talking to Waterman about it in the lobby, then giving it back to the desk, then drinking some more, and finally staggering out of the hotel with the painting, and saying he had a car. In the morning, he said he doesn’t know what happened to the painting, he can’t remember, he was too drunk. Waterman says he decided against buying it and left. Trudgeon and Doyle don’t believe that Haggerty doesn’t know where the painting is, and plan to get their money back.

My first question I already asked. Why did they need him to help them sell the painting to Waterman anyway? Why couldn’t they sell it to him?

And let’s assume that he did lose it in a boozy trip home. If they knew him well and were about to entrust a very expensive painting to him, why didn’t they tell him that he wasn’t allowed to drink until the painting was safe somewhere? Maybe they did, but that wasn’t mentiond at all in the story, and I’d think it would be.

And hey Mr. Doorman, good on you for letting a drunken fool drive home. Be relieved that nobody got smoked by his car because he was obviously too drunk to drive.

Hopefully this painting miraculously turns up. Otherwise, Haggerty’s gonna have to pay a lot of money.

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