I’ve Got Grandma In My Console And I Don’t Know What To Do With Her

Last Updated on: 21st November 2016, 10:58 am

Here’s a perfect storm of oh no.

Police pull over a car for a traffic stop. They find pot, pills, needles, other drug paraphernalia, and this little plastic bag full of powder. Of course, logic would dictate you would think it was other drugs. But the powder wasn’t drugs at all. It was the car owner’s grandma’s ashes. I guess the owner of the car, who wasn’t present when the two dudes were driving around in her car with all those drugs, said she was very close to her grandma and likes to keep her ashes close.

I’m betting those two guys won’t be driving her car anymore. And maybe she could put grandma’s remains in a locket. Just make sure it doesn’t become aleaket.

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