He’s Down, Not High!

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2014, 10:58 am

Hey Byron Nelson High School officials. There are other reasons why a person might have bloodshot, watery eyes. When you cry, your eyes can get like that. If your dad was fatally stabbed recently, wouldn’t you have been crying? So don’t assume that someone has been smoking marijuana because their eyes are bloodshot and watery when you know there’s more to the story, like you did to Kyler Robertson. Sure he also smelled like marijuana, but if I’m around some smokers for a while, I can smell like smoke. It doesn’t mean I smoke. I understand their initial suspicion, but guys, use your heads!

I hope they’re feeling quite sheepish, now that his drug test came back negative. But they’re obviously not feeling sheepish enough because they’re not willing to wipe his suspension from his record. Now the family has had to put their grief on hold while they fight this, which just adds to the unfairness of the whole thing.

The poor kid. It’s hard enough to lose a parent. I can’t imagine this on top of it.

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