He Burned That Bridge In A Hurry

Last Updated on: 25th April 2019, 09:46 am

The one good thing I can say about Dustin Bentivegna is that he didn’t pull a John Orr. Who knows, perhaps he just didn’t pull a John Orr yet.

I guess he was a volunteer firefighter who loooved his job. He loved it so much that he manufactured a few fake gas calls just to go out on a call. He would say there was a gas odour at certain places in his district, and amazingly be one of the first guys there, even though he lived far away. They would find nothing and go home. Then the call would come again a few days later. He made a couple too many, and the calls were traced to his cell. Now he stands the chance of being in another kind of cell depending on what his sentence is.

The dude didn’t even wait until he was done his probationary period to start this crap. I’m kind of glad the probationary period wasn’t over, because it’s probably easier to get rid of somebody during that time than after.

But he’s not new to impersonating folks. He was previously charged with impersonating a peace officer.

Hey! Maybe they can put him to use after all. Maybe he can pull a Gregory Pillow, and include a bit about not falsely calling 911.

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