A Name Does Not Indicate You’re A Man Of God

Last Updated on: 7th July 2023, 12:08 pm

The story of Shelby Marwan Heggs wanting to change his name kind of reminds me of this old joke.

I understand why a man with a name like Shelby would want to change it. Have you met any other male Shelbys? But why in hell would he want to change it to Saint Jody Almighty Bedrock? Oh, he says it’s so you know you’re talking to a man of god. Hmmm. If I met a guy named Saint Jody Almighty Bedrock, and I knew he hung that handle on himself, the only thing I would know was that I was talking to a nutcase.

Prosecutors aren’t down with the request for a name-change because a. he’s still facing aggrovated battery charges, and b. he has previous convictions for DUI and Marijuana possession. They think he’s trying to hide from his past.

This makes me ask a question. I understand them not being down with him changing his name while a charge is pending, but can someone convicted of stuff never change their name for any reason? Can’t the system just make the convictions hop on over to his new name and continue to follow him? I mean, he’s changing his name through the courts. I know one governmental arm doesn’t know what the other is doing half the time, but it doesn’t seem that hard that someone’s past in the system couldn’t just come along for the ride.

But honestly. That name is just nuts. I hope, if he ever marries, he would not saddle his wife and kidlets with that handle.

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