Your Best Friend Can Be Shared

Last Updated on: 11th June 2022, 06:57 am

How did I miss this story? Oh well, better late than never.

I have talked about making sure things are in order for whatever guide dog I have after I died, but never in those arrangements would be a plan to have the dog buried with me, regardless of the dog’s health. but that’s exactly what Donald Ellis ordered for his pet tarrier. Yeah, his 2-year-old, completely healthy yorkshire tarrier.

Ellis’s last request was that the dog, named Tom Tom, be buried with him, as noone else would love him as he did. The family took the pooch to a vet, who begged them to let the dog live. Then, fearing they would kill it in a less humane way, he euthenized the poor creature.

I’m sure Tom Tom was very special to Donald, and I’m sure he loved him with all his heart. But a new home for such a young, healthy dog can be found. It is as senseless as a suicidal parent killing a child along with them because they don’t think the child would survive without them.

What a twisted last request.

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