I Am My Choices, But Thankfully Not A Pancake

This fella here, who apparently nearly had his lunch eaten by an oncoming train about 30 seconds after this video was shot, turns out to be an elementary school principal here in town. That’s comforting.

The principal of an elementary school has apologized after a man stood on railway tracks to take cellphone photos of a crowded GO train platform in Kitchener — just as a train approached.
The man made it safely back to the platform, after alarming another passenger who recorded and tweeted the Thursday morning incident.
The provincial agency that operates the trains has ticketed the principal, charging him with crossing railway tracks illegally.

Paul Gladding, principal of St. John’s Catholic Elementary School in Kitchener, faces a fine of up to $5,000 if convicted.

Gladding has already apologized to Metrolinx and written a message on the school’s website

“The motto I have brought to St. John’s is ‘I am My Choices,'” he wrote. He didn’t elaborate on what that makes him, but I’m sure we all have a few ideas.

Authorities say that charges are pending against a second man, who I’m putting odds on being the superintendent.

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