He Was Definitely A Muddy Duck

Last Updated on: 27th April 2022, 03:50 pm

Yeesh! How would you like to be Dustin Haas? He was playing some video games when his dog started growling at his bathroom door. He went to check what got his dog all mad, and he found a mud-covered man lying in his bathtub wearing his football jersey. Then the guy started offering him money so he wouldn’t call the police.

I guess the dude came in through Haas’s back door, grabbed the jersey off the dirty laundry pile, and lay in his tub. I don’t have a clue why he was covered in mud.

Haas shooed him out of his house and didn’t call police, but the guy, Radai Artega-Vasquez, got busted anyway the next day when he was hiding near someone else’s garage.

I think if I were the mud-coated guy, I would have been begging Haas to please not sick his pit bull on me before I’d be begging him not to call the cops, especially since all the cops had on him was a traffic warrant. Well, they have more charges now.

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