Some Apologies, Some Sports, A Thank You And Some Beer

Last Updated on: 16th October 2014, 07:44 am

I’d like to take a second if I can (and I can because it’s my site) to here and now apologize toRo.Not only to Ro, but toannin advance and anybody else who may be, either knowingly or unknowingly, negatively impacted by my thoughtless actions.

As it turns out, me saying that I’ll root for your baseball team of choice appears to be the kiss of death. I told Ro I was picking the Rays over the Rangers, and they opened with an impressive5-1 loss.I’m cheering for the Twins over the Yankees much like any other self-respecting baseball fan is doing, and naturally the Twinslost 6-4,going so far as to blow a 3 run lead to do it. And at various points I’ve said to people including in some comment threads here that I wouldn’t mind seeing the Reds do well and maybe even win it all, so of course Roy Halladaygoes out and throws only the second no-hitter in the history of the MLB playoffs, handing Cincinnati a 4-0 defeat. Yeah, I’m even worse at predicting baseball than I am at wrestling, and I kind of told Ann that I’d spare some good thoughts for the Giants, which after what happened last night may mean that I’m supposed to repeat “Go Braves!” over and over in my head or somehow use my mind powers to wish for a horrible team-related bus accident. It has to mean anything but hoping they win.

Again, sorry, everybody.

Now as for Doc’s no-hitter, the guy is awesome and he deserves it even if he does play for the NL’s version of the Yankees. He works harder than perhaps anybody in baseball and he’s earned everything he’s gotten. I know all of this and even though I’m not all butt hurt over it like some of my fellow Blue Jays supporters are, in a small way it kind of sucks that he couldn’t have thrown that postseason no no or his perfect game for us.

One more thing. I’ve watched some hockey, and thankfully it didn’tupset me nearly as much as I’d feared.I’m looking forward to watching the Leafs stomp the hell out of Montreal, and unlike last year, stomp the hell out of had better not mean lose 4-3 in overtime. That might just set me back some.

And thank you, Leafs Nation, for redesigning the Leafs Insider emails so I can actually read them again. Not sure if you got complaints from other blind people about how awful and useless they had become accessibility wise (I had been meaning to send one), but whatever happened, thank you for fixing it.

I think I’m done here. Enjoy all of the games and perhaps even a beer or 5.

Wait. Speaking of beer, I did,as mentioned,give James Ready a try. A friend brought over a few cans and it’s not bad. It’s nothing revolutionary, but as far as cheap beer goes I can definitely handle it. I want to try it in bottles before I add it to the permanent like list since I do most of my drinking that way, but it held up pretty well for a strong, discount beer in a can. Give it a go, you shouldn’t be disappointed unless you’re expecting way too much out of something you’re getting for that price.

Ok, I think I’m really done now.

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