Hope You Trust Your Doctor

Last Updated on: 5th April 2016, 02:36 pm

*shiver*! If you need genetal surgery, make sure you get it from a doctor you trust. *shudder*. Otherwise you might end up like CAROLYN DeWaegeneire. She says that she went in to have a precancerous piece of skin removed from her vulva, but just before the anesthesia took her under, the doctor leaned close to her and said ‘I’m going to take your clitoris too.’ His lawyer claims he had to take it because the cancer would spread, and he never said that to her before she went under, but I have my doubts about the truth of that statement because of this little exchange.

The nurse allegedly told police she asked the doctor: “That’s fairly radical surgery. Why are you taking so much?'”

He allegedly replied: “If I don’t take it all the cancer will spread.”

Nurse: “You would not be taking my clitoris no matter what.”

Doctor: “Her husband’s dead so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Excuse me? Excuse…me?

That’s just…scary. And if he has done this to her, he has probably done this to others.


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