I Finally Read Kate’s Book!

A long, long time ago, I mentioned Kate’s book ‘Dread Crew: Pirates of the Backwoods’ and wondered if it would be available in alternative format. Well, then a long time ago, Barb managed to score a copy, and sent it to me. “Read it,” she said. “It’s awesome!” Well, I meant to…and I meant to…and finally I did, and yeah, it’s great. It makes it extra special for me because I read the author’s blog. But the book is just cool on its own.

I can just imagine how amazing the pictures would be, judging from the descriptions. Kate has repeatedly said on the blog that she thinks the illustrator is freaking amazing. I wonder how he managed to draw giant men with magots in their beards? Or the huge landship? Or the countless other pictures I’m sure there are in the book.

I love how the plot is meant for little kids, but there are giant words in the story. I think that’s great. That’ll make the kidlets go look ’em up, learn a word or six. And if I were reading this book to a kid, I would love reading it, because it’s just so darned adorable, and funny. This is written the way kids’ stories should be…with humour that kids get, but also stuff that adults can find in it too. Hell, I wish the huppy was old enough to appreciate this book, because I’d love to read it to him.

I also love all the little things in this book that scream Kate. All the references to wood stoves and warm blankets and hot chocolate and marshmallows and community and people who like the outdoors and homemade things. After reading her blog, you just recognize things that are so, so Kate.

So if you have little kids, get this book. Hunt it down. Even if you don’t, but you like cute little stories, hunt it down. I think the message is cute too. It made me all sappy and filled with the warm fuzzies.

So, I’ve finally read the book. And I think she said she was writing another one…already. Holy crap. But when it comes out, I’m sure it’ll be just as amazing.

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