Football’s Back

Last Updated on: 17th November 2013, 01:55 pm

So this morning at 10am tickets to the CFL Eastern Division Championship went on sale for the Rogers Centre (or the Ted) in Toronto. The game’s got the Argos’ and whoever wins the Eastern Semi-final. I got my tickets finished at 10:02am and the closest I could get was 2nd deck, 8th row. Don’t get me wrong, they’re really good seats, but 2 years ago, that many tickets to a football game selling that fast in Toronto would have been unheard of. They’re actually expecting to sell out the place (over 50,000) for the first time for football since the 1997 season. The CFL has always been viewed as kind of a second rate product in Toronto but young people are starting to get back in to it in Toronto and it’s creating quite a buzz as proven by the sales this morning.

It’s the first time the Eastern Final has been hosted in Toronto since 1997, so it’s the biggest game here in quite some time. It should be a huge buzz around the city for the next little while as the Argos’ try to reclaim the Gray Cup again this year. Sunday November 20 at 3pm if anyone else wants to try and get seats…. but you won’t be sitting anywhere near as close as me! Suckers!

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