>Talk To That Woman And Experience Petkov Pedal Power. You Have Been Warned

>A while ago Carin brought you the story ofJennifer Petkov,the useless waste of skin and air who harassed a family with a terminally ill child for more than two years because she felt slighted by them.

Well, she’s back in the news again, this time forattempting to run down Tana Boling, another neighbour.

“When I got like so far out in the street, she (came) speeding out of the driveway right towards me, and if I wouldn’t (have) got out of her way there’s no doubt she would have hit me,” Boling told reporters after a run-in or at least what was close to one in October.

And what, you’re likely wondering, did she do to anger the mighty Petkov? Well, according to Boling, at the time of the incident, she was walking across the street to chat with Rebecca Rose, the grandmother of the sick child.

But wait, there’s more.

“Last summer, she threatened me. Told me she was going to kill me,” said Boling.

Petkov was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and wreckless driving in connection with the incident. Her family has put up 10% of the $75000 bond to get her out of jail, and her supporters, a concept which seems impossible to me, say they have surveillance footage that should be enough to get the charges dropped. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion, her lawyer says. Over-exaggerated, a family friend calls it.

But folks around the neighbourhood say they exaggerate nothing and that Petkov has “no remorse” and “needs some mental help.”

I have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this by a longshot.

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