Did You Pack That Punch Yourself?

Last Updated on: 27th February 2014, 03:27 pm

Even if you didn’t mean that and you’re just goofin’ around that’s all, it’s still a poor idea topunch a TSA agent in the chest.Yes, this even applies to people like John Christina who probably aren’t much of a threat, what with the two medical implants, fused wrist and colostomy bag.

About 3 p.m. Tuesday, John Christina, 51, of Simsbury, Conn., was proceeding through the security checkpoint at the airport, a police report states.

After he was scanned by the Advanced Imaging Technology machine, Christina asked TSA agent Gregory Hutman a question about the screening process, the report states.

Hutman, 28, of Vandalia, told Christina because he normally works at the Dayton International Airport, he was unsure of the answer.

At this point, Christina hit Hutman in the chest.

Luckily for him, Christina was only charged with misdemeanor battery and taken to jail. He was released the next day on $150 bond. No word on whether or not he’s walking funny after a vicious cavity searchin’.

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