Maybe He Should Try Houdiniing Instead Of Criminaling

Signs the carjacking life may not be for you:

  1. You order a woman getting out of her car to get back in. she does, then promptly drives away and leaves you standing in the parking lot.
  2. You try the same trick this time with a gun, but rather than fearfully listening to you, the woman runs inside to call police.
  3. You give it one more go, this time deciding to steal the woman’s car. You get yourself inside and even convince her to remove the anti-theft thing on the steering wheel and leave the keys with you before you let her go. but in the process she activates a kill switch of some kind and when you try to start the car you end up locked inside, going nowhere until you smash a window and run away.

All of this happend a few minutes apart in the same Target parking lot in Oceanside, California to an unknown man that police are still trying to find. Maybe he has a future as an escape artist.

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