We’ll Miss You…Everywhere

Last Updated on: 8th November 2013, 07:57 am

I just found out that Mark Dailey has died. He was only 57. He had been suffering from cancer for some time, but it was hoped that he would pull through.

A lot of people may not know the name, but I’m sure they know the voice. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “This is CityTV…everywhere.”, you’ve heard Mark Dailey. He worked at City for something like 30 years, serving as the voice of the station. He did everything from bumpers to commercial voiceovers to anchoring newscasts and he was great at all of it. His career goes back even further than City, but to me City will always be what he’s most famous for.

Citytv was on a lot in our house when I was growing up. We didn’t have cable in the small town we lived in, but we could get Citytv Toronto even though we lived a couple hours away thanks to a transmitter that if memory serves was right near one of my friend’s houses. I think I even hit a baseball off of it once. City always had the best movies before any of the other stations, they had music shows, Speakers’ Corner and even SCTV reruns. There was a lot to watch, and Mark’s voice was all over it. He talked to me so much that he became one of those friendly voices that you feel like you know even though you don’t, one of those people you just assume will always be there. I don’t watch City much anymore, but even now when I do I still get flashbacks whenever I hear that voice. It’s hard to believe it’s gone.

Broadcasting in this area has lost a true legend, a voice that can never be replaced. People will come along and fill the positions he held, but they’ll never fill his shoes.
Here are some videos of Mark in action.

CityTV Wit & Wisdom of Mark Dailey 1986.This is one of the things I always loved about him. He wasn’t just the big announcer voice, he also had a personality.

here he is plugging a movie, being everywhere and reading some news in 1993.

And since I know we have some fans reading,CityTV is your Federation Station.

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