Bag Of Money And Thingie And What Is It And What To Do With It

Last Updated on: 4th July 2018, 12:13 pm

Brittney Sykes and Emma Westhusing were doing pretty well. Without using weapons, their first ever attempt at bank robbery pulled in a cool $1370, and they even managed a clean getaway. But you’re reading this here, so I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that things hardlyended upas well as they started out.

It’s not unusual for a bank teller to slip something into the bag during a robbery. Generally it’ll be a dye pack that explodes shortly after the crook leaves, but this time it was a small tracking device. When the two made it back to Sykes’ house to count their haul, the device was discovered. Naturally panic ensued, due mainly to them not knowing what it was that they had on their hands. And this is where the criminal mastery begins.

Thinking at first that it might be one of those dye packs, they did what any great criminal would, throw it against the wall and try stomping it to death. Why not, it’s not like there’s anything at all suspicious about a dye staind house. But this didn’t work, so it was time for plan B.

Plan B was hitting the Google to see if they could figure out just what in hell the thing was. While this was going on, plan B.1 was also executed. And just what was plan B.1? Well, stashing the GPS device somewhere, which isn’t the worst of ideas. Unfortunatley we’re dealing with the kind of people who don’t see the flaw in the let’s kill the dye bomb in the living room plan, so rather than hiking the little bastard a few blocks down and depositing it in a garbage can, Sykes ran out to her car and hid it under the driver’s side floor mat. To make matters even worse, Sykes doesn’t own the most generic of cars. Her ride is a purple Hyundai Accent.

Not surprisingly, the authorities dropped in for a visit in short order and the pair was arrested.

No need for that tracking device anymore, I have a feeling they won’t be moving around much where they’re going.

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