Kiss Your Tongue Goodbye

Last Updated on: 9th September 2019, 01:20 pm

We have an update on the tongue-chomper from yesterday. For starters, we have her name, Karen Lueders. I’d say the judge was right to order her a mental health evaluation.

Karen Lueders did not speak during the court appearance, but she leaned over to a reporter as she was escorted out in handcuffs, saying, “I love you, it’s too bad you don’t listen.” While leaving the courtroom she continued in the same singsong voice, saying, “I love you. Karen Lueders.”


There isn’t much more here that can explain why this happened, just more of the how. I guess her husband Willard gave her a kiss, and out of nowhere, she grabbed his genetals and bit off half his tongue. After he called the police and they figured out that something was not cool, she went back outside and started singing more carols and blowing a horn. When the cops showed up, she not only threw coffee at them, but blew the horn in one’s ear! Ouch ouch ouch!

She’s getting charged with a rare thing, felony mayhem. It appears they don’t have too many of those on the books at all. But really, how many times does this sort of thing happen?

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