Somebody Needs An Attitude Change

Last Updated on: 27th May 2020, 09:04 am

Here’s a freaky thought. Amber Yust had decided to get a sex-change. When she registered her new name and gender with the San Francisco DMV, after an employee, who she has named as Thomas Demartini, processed her application, he started sending her letters and DVD’s warning of eternal damnation. The letters came from him, and the DVD came from a church to whom she thinks he sent her information. The church denies that it would send such things, but I’m not convinced.

The worst part about this case is this isn’t the first time Demartini has done things like this. Once, he refused to process the name and gender change application of another transgender woman. My guess is he got reprimanded for that, so this is what he decided he would do. He would process their information, but then scribble it down and contact them when he’s off the clock.

This freaks me out in general. I always knew there was a reason they said people who processed your information were in a position of trust, and this is exactly why. You’re putting your faith in that person that they won’t decide to use that information in a way in which it was not intended. Sure, there are laws to prevent that, but the reason they have been written is because someone has already done such things.

But it freaks me out on a very personal level. I have mentioned before in various places that people have wanted to heal us because of our blindness. Most of these folks mean well, but some of them can be quite determined. One time when I had Babs, I was picking up her poop, and I was accosted by someone who called himself a missionary. He would not leave me until I took some card which I could use to get a free jesus DVD. How he thought I would read the card, well, who knows?

Another time, I took a cab home with what seemed like a normal fellow. But he changed on me once we got to my door. As I was reaching for my money, I heard all the doors lock in the car. Then he said something which I will try to reconstruct, but the memory is about 9 years old and overshadowed by my racing heart. “I have to tell you something,” he said. You see, when Jesus walked this earth he healed the sick and the lame and the blind. If you let Jesus into your heart, he can heal you.” I thanked him, feeling a little panicked because all the doors were locked. I was looking up and down the door for the unlock, but it’s button felt exactly like the window button. He continued. “We have healing services. Would you like to come to one?” I said I was busy. “We have them on Saturdays, one in the morning and one at night.” I said that was nice. “Here’s a paper,” he said. “There’s a number on it. Call it and a lady can come pick you up.” With that, he unlocked the door. I thanked him, got out and ran for my house.

Now, think about that. He had just delivered me to my house. What if he decided to come back and make sure I went to one of these services? What if he decided that he knew what was best for me and I needed to be healed, whether I came willingly or not?

I don’t like the way the DMV appear to be giving her the silent treatment and not realizing just how serious this is. I hope she succeeds in her lawsuit.

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