Stay The Hell Off His Lawn. It’s Safer That Way

Last Updated on: 6th June 2016, 01:28 pm

Remember the case of Joshua Funches getting shot because his tarrier peed on a guy’s lawn? Well, all the shooter got was four years of probation. Oh, because he’d had no prior contact with the law. So even if his first entry in his criminal record was murder, he still gets leniency?

So there are two lessons to take from this. Don’t piss off Charles Clements. He’s apparently allowed to kill people who irritate him because he’s 69 and has never killed before. And if you want to commit a crime, just hold out until your old. You’ll be able to walk out of court on probation, even if what you did was appalling.

I’m happy there’s discression in the law. This just doesn’t seem like the place to use it.

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