He Was, And It’s A Good Bet He’ll Be Back

Last Updated on: 19th January 2016, 10:24 am

Here’s a stupid idea.

After being arrested for passing some fraudulent cheques, Michael Coe, 24, was cooling his heels in a police interview room, waiting his turn. Rather than bad cheques, now he was left to pass the time. And as sure as I’m writing the words you are reading right now, he could have found a much better way of doing so than what he came up with.

Whether he forgot, had no idea or just plain didn’t care, the notion that interrogation rooms are almost always outfitted with cameras was not of concern to him. So with earring in hand, he did what any of us would do…if we were dumb as a brick. Hecarved the words “Mike was here” into the wooden door.

Naturally it didn’t take many department resources to catch the vandal, and Mike had criminal damage to government property etched next to his forgery charges in short order.

He’s being held in the DeKalb county jail on $10000 bail. Hopefully if he gets the urge to write on something while there he’ll at least be smart enough to use an alias.

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