Lost Guide Dog In Central Florida

Last Updated on: 4th May 2016, 12:44 pm

The happy update is here. Devon has been reunited with Jeff.
Oh boy. Here comes another lost guide dog. This one’s from the Seeing Eye, but a lost guide dog is a lost guide dog.

I guess there was some crazy weather in Florida on Tuesday. Jeff Bazer was there for a convention, I’m almost sure it would be the ATIA convention, andhis guide dog got spooked and ran off. They haven’t seen him since. I don’t seem to have any pictures, but his guide dog Devon is a 9-year-old black lab and his collar has all his info including Jeff’s name and Devon’s name.

Please somebody find Devon and bring him back to Jeff safely. I can’t imagine losing Trix, but losing her in a place I don’t know would just kill me even more.

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