It’s Not Twitter. Maybe You’re A Twit.

Last Updated on: 27th November 2013, 10:32 am

Here’s a little something I saw on Twitter. the Seven deadly sins of Twitter. Apparently, these are the ways Twitter can ruin your life. Most of it either is overexaggerated or these problems only come up when you obviously don’t have a life which Twitter could ruin to begin with. But this item killed me.

2. Secret DM’s- If you are married and find yourself having secret DM conversations with someone of the opposite sex, That can be trouble.  What I mean my secret, are those seemingly innocent conversations that your spouse doesn’t know about.  Always leave your Twitter account stuff accessible to your spouse… I recommend universal passwords for both you and your spouse for all Twitter, Facebook, e-mail and Social Media accounts; in other-words all log-in and passwords are the same.  If you find yourself remotely questioning the potential of one of your Twitter conversations or relationships; share the conversation with your spouse and block that person immediately.

or how about being a decent human being and trusting the other to be one too? I do not need to be snooping about in Steve’s email and Twitter, nor does he need to be snooping about in mine. If that need ever arises, or if you’re starting to consider other people as possibilities, your relationship has problems and you need to sit down and talk to your hubby/wife. The problem isn’t the other people on Twitter, it’s your marriage.

Ug. I just had to post that after I saw Steve’s chastity garter post.

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