Something Malignant Is Spreading, But It’s Not Cancer

Last Updated on: 19th March 2014, 08:59 pm

We have yet another cancer-faker, but this one was in B.C. What is up with this?

Tina Sammons told lots of close relatives that she had cancer, needed a kidney transplant and other stuff, but because she was an American citizen, she didn’t have health coverage in Canada. They gave money, but I guess her brother-in-law became suspicious and hired a private detective. That’s when he discovered it was all a lie, and she blew the money at casinos.

I don’t know how these people can live with themselves. Not only did they steal the money from their families, but they put them through pure hell. Her husband’s family thought that Sammons was going to die and did everything they could to help her. Meanwhile she was just ripping them off.

Well, Tina Sammons is off to jail for 3 years, and her husband’s family has a lot of healing to do.

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