Hey Look! I Won My Assault And Battery Merit Badges!

Last Updated on: 23rd December 2022, 03:42 pm

Hersha C. Howard the thin mints maniac
Don’t get between Hersha C. Howard and her girl scout cookies. she might chase you with a pair of scissors and clobber you with multiple boards.

The story goes that Howard came into her room-mate’s bedroom in the middle of the night and demanded to know if she ate her thin mints cookies. The room-mate said she had fed them to Howard’s children because they were up in the night and hungry. And that’s what started it.

The woman offered Howard $10 to pay for the cookies, but reports say Howard refused and the two women began to argue. The argument became physical and the woman’s husband pulled Howard off her, while she ran from the room.

Reports say Howard picked up a pair of scissors and followed the woman in a threatening manner. The woman ran down the stairs, but reports say Howard dropped the scissors and picked up a board and struck her as she ran down the stairs.

The woman then ran to the kitchen, where Howard followed her, knocked her to the ground and continued to hit her. The husband separated them again, allowing the woman to run out of the house. Howard, reports say, followed and picked up a sign and began to strike the woman again.

Settle down lady! And you’re raising kids? Eek!

I feel sorry for the room-mate, but who thinks it’s a good idea to feed thin mints cookies to kids at 1 in the morning? Yeah, they’ll go right back to sleep after that. Although, how do kids who live with a mom like that sleep anyway?

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