Her Next Charity Will Be Called Change For My Bail Money

Jen told me about this one.

Here’s a sad note. If anyone gave money to a charity known as “Change for a Cure”, and it sounds like a lot of people did, you just pissed it down a hole. The charity’s founder, Ashley Kirilow, is obviously severely messed up.

She told everybody she had cancer, but she didn’t. She shaved her eyebrows and hair and plucked her eyelashes, starved herself, and organized several fundraisers to raise money for drug research. She even asked her dad for a bone marrow donation. She had a Facebook page where she said that her mom had died from using crack, and she had no family. The thing is she has a mom, a dad, a stepmother and several siblings. Now she’s in court for fraud, and she might as well have no family, because they’ve all washed their hands of her.

That’s just sad. But here’s a note for other fraudsters. If you’re going to fake having cancer, don’t say you’re dying. Soon, people will wonder how you’re doing when you don’t die, and things will all come undone.

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