Stone Road Mall’s Ad Agency Needs To Hit The Road, Again

Last Updated on: 9th July 2015, 01:23 pm

Stone Road Mall has done another one of those hit the road commercials Ilove so much.

This one, as impossible as it seems, might be even worse than the last one. I’m paraphrasing here, but I promise you I’m not leaving anything out.

The boot kick. the toe tap. the foot stomp. Every winter, before entering a building, Canadians do one of these things against the sides of cars, on the ground or at the sides of buildings to knock the snow and sleet from their boots before coming inside. This winter when you come to Stone Road Mall, you’ll see many of your fellow Canadians engaging in this ritual. Feel free to join them in the boot kick, toe tap or foot stomp. Hit the road to Stone Road Mall.

Yeah…that’s it. Nothing about the actual mall itself. Nothing about sales. NO new stores. No info on special events or displays. It’s just hey, feel free to come here. You’re allowed to stomp your feet and kick stuff, including our nice building if that suits ya.

I’ll give them this. At Christmas time malls do make me feel like stomping my feet and kicking stuff, but I don’t remember hearing this latest masterpiece of advertising until January. And even if it was around before Christmas, it’s March now. Me and many of my fellow Canadians are so over winter boot kicks, toe taps and foot stomps. Well, unless we’re boot kicking and foot stomping somebody who’s just reminded us that it’s still cold and snowy outside, of course.

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