These Harmonicas Don’t Make Nice Music

Last Updated on: 30th May 2021, 04:07 pm

I think I may have had a run-in with one of our harmonicas from December. If she’s not one of them, she should be considered to be one.

I took Trixie outside for business. As I returned to the door, I could hear someone having considerable trouble with the door. Our door has a long bar, and a specific place where you have to push to open the door. For some reason that I don’t understand, she couldn’t find it. Then I heard something hit the floor. It didn’t sound too bad. It sounded like she might have set something down to prop open the door.

I waited to figure out whether she was coming or going, but she just stood there, obstructing the doorway. I eventually asked her what was going on. All she said was “I’m sorry. I have a baby. It’s ok baby.” But the baby wasn’t crying. I eventually took the door from her and squiggled inside. It was then that I kicked the something that I thought she may have set down to hold open the door.

I said something fell on the floor, and her response was “You should pick it up so someone doesn’t trip on it.” I thought this was bizarre, but I thought maybe her hands were full. She couldn’t manage a door that you push, so who the hell knows. I bent down, went to pick up the thing my foot had kicked, and discovered it was glass! I set it back down and said “My god, it’s glass!” at which point she must have tried to pick up a piece too and said “My god, ouch!” What the? It fell right when she was there! How could she not see what it was?

I was starting to lose my patience with her. Here I was, standing in a potential mine field for Trixie, and the only set of eyeballs that could help me navigate were possessed by someone lacking a brain. I said whatever that was fell when she was right there, so did she know what it was, how bad it was, etc. her response? “It must have fallen from the ceiling! I don’t know! I didn’t see it!” I asked her if she had a cell phone and she said no, but she’d go get her boyfriend. I said I was calling the super, and realized my cell phone was on charge up stairs. Without thinking, I walked towards the elevator. Thankfully there wasn’t glass there. As I left, the out of it chick was just standing in the lobby. I cursed myself to the nth degree that I didn’t have my cell on me. If I had, I would have stayed right with the glass until it got picked up.

The super came over, and swept up the glass, but she said it didn’t look like glass from something that would have fallen from the ceiling or out of the door. It was rounded, like it came from something she dropped. She couldn’t believe how out of it this chick sounded.

There are cameras in the lobby, I hope they caught what was going on. It’s really disturbing when you meet someone that out of it. Was she high? If she did have a baby in that stroller, is it safe with her?

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