>The Return Of E5?

>There has to be something going on here that can’t be controlled, either that or somebody has just up and lost his damn mind.

Twitter is telling me that instead of going with the idea I had at the end of last year of using Edwin Encarnacion as a designated hitter and putting somebody at 3rd with a good arm to help out poor Adam Lind who is new to 1st base, Encarnacion is moving back to 3rd and Jose Bautista, who was supposed to be at 3rd, is heading out to right field again.

I’ve got no problem with Bautista playing out there. It never hurts to have a guy with that kind of arm playing that position. But unless something’s drastically changed, a guy with the kind of arm Encarnacion’s been known to have throwing to an unproven 1st baseman, that hurts. They don’t call the guy E5 for nothing.

The one thing Encarnacion has going for him is his bat, and playing him at DH was the perfect way of taking advantage of that while keeping him the fuck away from situations that involved throwing a ball. Now it looks like Juan Rivera will slide into the DH spot and while I could be wrong, I’ve got a feeling he’s not going to be anything like the kind of hitter Encarnacion is.

I hope I’m wrong. It’s happened before. Like most things I’m willing to wait and see how it all turns out, but this has me confused and a bit upset right now. I can’t wait to hear an explanation. It sure better be a good one.

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