His Opinion Is A Coalition Of It’s A Good Idea And No It Isn’t

Last Updated on: 28th June 2013, 09:16 am

If you’ve been hearing all of Stephen Harper’s talk during this election campaign about how evil and dangerous coalition governments are and you’re starting to wonder if maybe he’s on to something, have a look atthis.

Not only did Harper think a coalition was a fine idea in 2004 and try to get the other parties on board to take down the then minority Liberals, but they were also just dandy in 1997 when he and Tom Flanagan wrote a big article while working for the National Citizens Coalition about how Canada’s other parties needed to get together to take down the then majority Liberals once they became a minority, something Harper predicted would be coming soon.

Some attention was paid to this a couple of years ago when Harper was all about the hijacking of parliament by other parties who wanted to deal with separatists nonsense, but not enough. If the Liberals and for that matter the NDP are smart, they’ll be all over this thing like fat kids on Happy Meals. Their best chance to make gains on the Conservatives is to chip away at whatever credibility Harper has. It won’t be easy since we’re in another “I can’t trust any of the bastards!” era, but they have to try.

And those who would take Harper at his word need to realize that he’s just like pretty much anyone else. Something’s only an affront to democracy and unconstitutional when it’s not working in his favour. All’s fair in love and war…when you’re the one losing.

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