That’th Jutht Great, The Polithe Are Here. Thith Ith Going To Be Thuch A Meth

Last Updated on: 26th October 2014, 09:27 am

I understand exactly0% of the logic at play here.I also think somebody’s not being totally honest about his usage.

A man removed his clothes in front of several children to “prove to his girlfriend that he wasn’t going to use methamphetamine anymore,” investigators wrote in charges filed Monday.

The man, 26, was wearing only shorts near 6400 South and Meadowcrest Road on Nov. 3, police wrote. He took the shorts off, threw them on the ground and ran naked into a house, deputies wrote. Several children were in the vicinity, deputies wrote.

He later told officers the gesture was meant for his girlfriend.

You know what this article is missing? Somebody saying deputies wrote a few more times. I’m not seeing nearly enough of that.

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