Slowly Getting Ready For The Move

Last Updated on: 9th December 2015, 04:36 pm

We mentioned back inthe last audio messthat at some point the blog would be moving. Not sure how far off the move is, but the testing starts…now! So if in the next while things go wonky, don’t work, disappear, insult your mother or fall down dead, it’s just the good old Fairies and Elves division doing its thing.

Speaking of that department, I’ve been told that comments might disappear for a while as we figure out how to hopefully not lose them all in the move. Shouldn’t much matter, hardly anybody uses them anymore (Thanks, Echo!). Other than that, nothing major should go wrong, but you know how things can be. Just thought I’d better warn you all now, you know, just in case later it’s impossible do to attending the site’s funeral.

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