Behaviour Like That Doesn’t Win Votes

I’m sorry, who is it that is being undemocratic? Who? local members of the Conservative Party of Canada, that’s who.

The University of Guelph had a special polling station in the University Centre to encourage students to get out and vote. They did. Hell, people stood for hours in line to vote, and this is during final exams, kids. So many voted that the president of the university had his face painted blue because it was such a success.

And now representatives of the Conservative party of Canada, or at least people working for our local candidate Marty Burke, are asking that all the votes be rejected, claiming it was an illegal polling station. Oh? And trying to steal a ballot box is o so legal. Michael Sona, if that was you, you disgust me.

They claim that there were violations of the Canada Elections Act. I had heard that someone was there trying to hand out literature, but they got the boot. I have my suspicions that all Burke and company were trying to do was discourage student voting, and that makes me angry beyond words.

Don’t you dare talk about lack of democracy, ever. After behaving like that, you haven’t got the right.

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