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Last Updated on: 13th March 2024, 11:30 am

If you’re wondering what kind of person would employ somebody who thinks trying to walk off with a ballot box from a legal polling station is a good idea, it’s the same kind of person who would write this sort of dreck.

Not only are these Marty Burke’s quotes, but when asked for comment on them, he provided yet another humdinger for the pile.

Burke, whose campaign website says that “his informed opinions on current events are frequently published in local and national newspapers,” told the Tribune that he doesn’t think people care about such things.

“Having knocked on quite a few doors since this latest Liberal attack, not a single person has raised this issue,” he said when asked whether he had any comment on the Liberal news release or any comment, clarification or elaboration about any of the quotes attributed to him in the news release.

“But what I am hearing at the doors and in the coffee shops is that the real issues of this unnecessary election are jobs, the economy and the need for a stable, national government and not a coalition of Liberals and separatists,” he said in an email sent in response to a Tribune query.

“Instead of talking about issues that matter to the people of Guelph, the Liberals have resorted to smokescreens,” he wrote. “I am going to continue to talk with Guelphites about issues that matter, and the Liberals can keep playing all the games they want.”

People don’t care about such things? Really? People don’t care about our country’s international reputation? They don’t care about health care? Child care? So much for your opinions being informed. And it’s nice to see you sticking to the Harper talking points. We can’t let a quote opportunity pass without slipping in a shot at coalitions, can we?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but as far as I’m concerned a vote for Marty Burke is a vote for more Conservative fear politics, a vote against the young people of Guelph and a vote for more of these letter to the editor attacks. I haven’t decided who’s getting my vote yet, but I know who isn’t.

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