Petting A Dog Without Asking Just Came Back To Bite Her

I have a feeling 99% of the people reading this are going to take what I’m about to say wrong. Oh well, off I go.

The story goes that a woman walked into a Home Depot with a yappy little mut in a shopping cart. Over came a greeter, said hello to the woman and thought she’d greet the pooch too. Pet petty pet pet went the Home Depot greeter. The pooch didn’t like her and bit off part of her nose. Now the greeter’s being all huffy about it. “I’m happy it was me and not my little girl. We pet dogs all the time. There will be no more petting dogs we don’t know from here on in.”

And to that I say, it’s about damn time.

As a guide dog-handler, I’ve had it up to here with people who think they can just walk right up and pet Trixie. The fact is they shouldn’t walk up and pet any dog. The working thing is important, but really, should you walk up to a strange unpredictable animal and start molesting it? No! You’re asking to be chomped.

I think it’s absolutely cowardly that the woman in home depot who owns the vicious little thing tried to leave the store. Yea for the paramedic that put a stop to that plan. I also think that her dog, even though little, is dangerous and probably has issues serious enough that it may have breathed its last if it just bites people at random. I feel sort of bad that the Home Depot greeter will require plastic surgery. But I don’t feel bad that she got bitten. Maybe she will not be so presumptuous. Maybe she will learn to ask before waltzing up and putting her hands all over an animal as if she has a god-given right.

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