The Manual Gets Some Editions From People Other Than Us

Last Updated on: 11th January 2022, 09:19 pm

I just realized that I haven’t updated the blind guy user’s manual in a bit. I don’t have any new blind guy stories, but boy do some others.

Wes Derby wrote about this woman who just had to grab and drag him onto his bus. This woman has been told multiple times that her brand of help is not helpful, and could actually injure him, but she won’t listen because, wait for it, she knows what’s best for him and the rest of the line of passengers. Ug. I feel for him, knowing each time he goes to catch the bus, she could be there and he won’t know until he is being unceremoniously manhandled and dragged the way she has decided he should go today.

He was talking about it on Twitter, and it made me think of Ian Hamilton, a Scottish journalist who is blind and writes lots of funny columns about being blind and the stuff he encounters. I was looking for the column in which he describes being physically lifted onto bus steps, but I can’t find it. What I did find was a whole blog full of things he has noticed. Read it if you’re blind, you’ll probably laugh. Read it if you’re sighted. You’ll probably either chuckle, learn something, or both.

I wish I had a personal story to end this with, but happily I don’t. I can’t think of anything weird that’s happened to me lately, and this is a good thing.

Good luck with the crazy on the bus, Wes.

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