Ro Cost Me 20 Bucks, Plus Some Random Complaining And Such

Last Updated on: 10th October 2013, 11:13 am

Over on herblog, our good buddy Ro was doing her damnedest a few days back to sell me MLB Gameday Audio. Well, between her, the Blind Tech list’s huge thread about it, Jerry Howarth and the Shoe thief, I had no choice but to cave and fork over my $20. You really can’t go wrong for that price. $20 for the whole year including spring training and the playoffs? You’d be a fool not to go for it if you’re a baseball fan.

So here I sit, contentedly listening to the Jays and Orioles as I work on the blog, get dinner started and consider putting the balcony furniture back outside where it belongs now that the weather is good again. Life’s pretty good, accept I’m out 20 bucks and my fucking thumb hurts. One has nothing to do with the other, I just want to complain since I don’t do nearly enough of that here.

About that, it’s true what they say, you never notice how much you use something until you hurt it, then every single thing you do at any given time involves it no matter how big or small that thing is. I don’t know exactly what I hit it on, but I know that at some point while I was away I wacked my right thumb on something and it bent in a weird way and started to hurt. Ever since,and keep in mind this has been going on for a couple weeks now, it hurts like crazy to do simple things with it. Picking stuff up, sucks. Turning on taps, sucks. Opening bags and packages…don’t even get me started on that. Typing isn’t too bad, which is surprising because my right thumb is my spacebar hitter and you’d think that would hurt like a bastard.

Having a bad thumb is no good, but what really annoys me is that every time it gets close to feeling better I manage to hit it or snag it on something and set things back again. And it’s dumb stuff too, like somehow in the middle of last night I managed to catch it in the bed sheets while I was pulling the blankets up over myself. Who does that?

Again there’s no point to any of this, I’m just bitching because I’ve got nothing else to post.

Update: I *was* contentedly listening to the Jays and Orioles, but the stream dropped and I can’t get it back so now I’ve switched to the Braves and Cardinals…which as I type this just dropped too. Astros and Tigers? Nope, won’t play. Ok, how’s about we check out some Pirates and Twins? Appears to be negatory on that one too. Jesus, sometimes I think that even though the world doesn’t hate me, it does enjoy messing with me for sport. To Ro or anybody who would happen to know, how common are dropped streams on this thing? Does it have a bug up its ass today or is this going to be a constant problem? Oh well, at least they have archives so I can always catch what I want later I suppose…but still…RRRRRRRRAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!

I was hoping to move furniture to the soundtrack of a baseball game, but I guess doing so on a sunny day is what I’ll have to settle for. Yeah, life’s rough isn’t it?

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