You Get A Stick! And You Get A Stick!

I’ll confess. I’m not sure I know what okra is. I thought it was that chick with the talk show, but apparently that’s wrong. What I do know for certain though is that it’s important enough to beat your brother with a stick over should the no good son of a bitch ever take some from your garden without asking first.

Officers were called on Thursday about a disturbance. Police say Anthony Kelly told them his brother Ted Carol Kelly hit him when Anthony confronted Ted about stealing okra from his garden.

Ted told police that his brother hit him with a stick and in response Ted hit him back with a stick, according to police.

Police also say that both brothers were intoxicated to such a degree that neither one was able to provide a written statement, which I find impossible to believe since they seem so rational.

Both were charged with third-degree assault and battery.

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