Can I Use This Title Without Paying Somebody?

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 01:41 pm

This is the kind of stupid crap that makes me never again want to buy anything with electronics in it.

If you can read 10 physical gestures that have been patented and then explain to me how the world’s patent systems aren’t broken perhaps beyond repair, I’ll buy you a beer. Honestly, I will…on one condition. What you’re saying has to convince me. And when we’re at the point where somebody can own a patent on what boils down pretty much to shaking a phone or moving your arm in a certain direction, you’ve got an uphill climb to say the least.

7. Shaking your mobile device
Ever get pissed off at your phone and shake it up and down until it reboots? You could be benefitting from a patent infringement! Intellectual Ventures owns a very broad patent on moving your mobile device around (basically, shaking your phone). If any company dares to create a product which relies on somebody shaking a mobile device to reboot, they’d better cough up some cash to license this gesture from Intellectual Ventures.

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