I Had A Good Title For This Post. What Was It Again?

Every now and then, my brain goes on a binge of telling me in my sleep that I’m a failure. First there were these dreams, and then there was this not so kind barrage. Now, here’s my brain’s new and creative way to make me feel like suck.

First I dreamed that I forgot to call Backpeddling, the bike place that lent us a tandem bike and adult tricycle for Access Recreation Day, thus it didn’t show up and I was in big big trouble. I chalked that up to my brain making damn sure that I remembered to call them. Well, it worked.

But the dreams have continued since. I had one where I remembered too late that Trix had a vet appointment and totally missed it. Then, on a different night, I dreamed I came home to my parents’ place but didn’t pack any food or toys for Trixie, and just remembered this as I walked through the door. And the final in the set, I dreamed I took a bus downtown, but when it arrived downtown, I couldn’t remember why on earth I had taken the bus.

So, what’s with all the dreams featuring me as forgetful Jones? In real life I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything important, so why is my brain convinced I will?

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