The Hupster Turned 2!

Last Updated on: 24th September 2016, 02:41 pm

Well holy crap, the huppy is 2. He’s 2! I still think about him as a wee tiny baby. I still remember coming to see him when he was only hours old. Now he’s 2.

And boy is he learning stuff. He’s really really talking. Now when he sees me, he tries to yell out my name, but it sounds more like “Kayin!” But hey, I know he knows it’s me. He also recognizes Steve and I in pictures. But when he sees himself, he just says “Baby!” He can’t believe that’s him. He also likes to sing. If you’re not ready to sing “Down by the Bay” for hours, don’t sing that around him. He never wants you to stop. He really doesn’t want you to stop if you’re willing to bounce him while singing it.

It’s so cute to watch him and Steve play together. He loves the way Steve’s all animated about everything. He especially loves it if Steve pretends to run like him, or sneezes overly dramatically.

He’s so cute. He wants to hug everything. He’ll just stop and go “Hug.” Once he tried to hug a bee. Luckily his mom stopped him before he did. Once, we were in the dollar store, and he decided he wanted to hug a paper moon. I tried to get that one with my phone, but I guess the picture was a fail. Boo! I really wanted a picture of the huppy hugging the moon.

He’s being a classic 2-year-old, trying to get into as much trouble as possible. But hey, we’ve all gotta get through that phase, now don’t we? And boy can he motor! And he loves stairs. He’d just love to go up and down stairs all day. I think he prefers them over the elevator, or, what does he say? Ebba ggeeder!

Yup, I think he’s a smart one. A smart one who is going to entertain us for years to come! Even when he’s super old, he’ll still be the huppy to me.

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