The Wood Is A Little Too Handy

Last Updated on: 30th July 2018, 02:35 pm

Here we have a fellow charged with indecent exposure and open lewdness after two separate incidents. The first was the flashing of a McDonald’s drive-through worker while the second, which took place almost two weeks later, involved our friend and his friend (if you catch my drift) pulling up beside a woman in a Rite Aid parking lot and showing her what she could have seen had she chosen to eat fast food a few days earlier.

We also have a fellow who just found himself squarely placed in the names tag, since he has what I’m sure is the constant pleasure of signing his chequesHandy Henry Wood.

And what do you know, we also have a photo of the fellow in question. That’s handy…literally.
A picture of Handy Henry Wood.

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