Howdy, Neighbour!

Last Updated on: 26th October 2021, 02:52 pm

Even though we spend a considerable portion of our time here relating stories of folks doing horrible things and many of you seem to like that, it’s nice to remind ourselves now and then that good does still exist in the world. Among all of the stupid criminals, horrible parents and people who can’t hear trains over their headphones, humanity still manages to blossom and flourish.

Case in point, this lovely fellow from New Jersey. So considerate of his fellow man is he that when he damaged a woman’s screen while braking into her home, he offered to fix it once he realized it wasn’t her house he had meant to hit.

He was even nice enough to stick around for a while to chat.

The homeowner, Maria Cardona, tells The Press of Atlantic City that the man made her nervous as he told her about his family and kept a hand in his pocket. She says he was “really polite,” but she just wanted him to leave.

He eventually did leave, but there is no mention in this tale of happiness of whether or not he later paid the intended friend a visit during his neighbourhood rounds. If he did, I’m sure they had a lovely time catching up on life over some tea and cookies.

Communities coming together for social time is so refreshing, isn’t it?

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