A Small Note To Canada Post

Last Updated on: 29th January 2015, 08:59 am

Listen, guys. Nobody beyond you and possibly the media on a slow news day really cares who’s fault it is that a few million pre-strike pieces of mail still haven’t been delivered. In fact, watching the carriers and management argue back and forth about it does neither side any favours. It only serves to make the ordinary Canadians you’re trying to bring to your side hate all of you even more and drive a few more nails into the coffin that technology and your attitude towards customers have been building you for years. Who’s to blame or who gets or doesn’t get this or that overtime doesn’t much concern us, we just want you to bring us our damn letters and shut the hell up about it.

However, if you want to tackle a real issue, track down whoever is responsible for me getting nothing but junkmail on the second day of resumed delivery even though I didn’t get everything I was waiting for on day one. If your backlog is as big a problem as you’re claiming it is, how does something like that happen? And it’s not even like it was a 1 off. It’s been a week or so now and there have been days where all I’ve gotten is garbage liner while a bunch of my bills, statements and cheques are still piled in a sorting room somewhere. To a company that gives a fuck and exists in a place that could be mistaken for reality (I know, what a concept), something like that should be completely unacceptable. So how’s about a lot more dealing with that and a lot less holding your pissing contest on TV and in the papers?

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