Another Case Of Social Nutworking

Last Updated on: 30th November 2016, 07:10 am

Holy crap. The people with which we share this earth.

I know that a lot of people are really upset about the Casey Anthony verdict. But this is just plain old nuts.

In Oklahoma, some drug-crazed woman nearly killed some woman with her car because she looked like Casey Anthony. She waited for her outside her job at a convenience store, then chased her for a while and then started ramming her with her van. Luckily, Sammay Blackwell, who is decidedly not Casey Anthony, is ok. But holy hell. First of all, we don’t need vigilantes running around, and second, try being in the right state first!

“Ah but Carin,” you say. “This woman was on drugs. That’s all it was. A woman under the influence of things who decided to take action based on the news item du jour.” But it’s not just this woman. Oh no no no. There is a poor unfortunate Casey Anthony in Pennsylvania who is being threatened, badgered and otherwise harassed on Facebook and by phone. What makes this one even worse is This Casey Anthony is a 43-year-old black dude! Seriously! A dude!

People. I know you’re upset. But although it may be gratifying to find a target and fire, what do you think this does to the poor target if you get the wrong one? It won’t bring Caylee back. If you want to do something productive, help advocate for changes in the law. I know it’s harder than spouting hatred and hitting send, but it has longer-lasting, more positive effects.

And Stacey Champion thought she had it bad.

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